Dosage Calculator


How to use our Dosage Calculator

My Batch Size
In this section, input your batch size and unit of measurement. Example: If your batch is 100 gallons, input 100 and select "gallons" in this area.

Recipe Usage Rate
In this section, consult your recipe for the usage rate recommended for your culture and cheese type. Typical usage rates are also available in the product descriptions of all cultures sold on our website, though your personal usage rate/recipe may vary. If you are unsure of the recommended usage rate for your culture and cheese type, please contact us. Example: Typical usage rate for MA series cultures for cheddar is 11-12 DCU per 100 liters of milk. In this scenario, you would input 11 or 12, select "DCU" and "per 100 liters milk" for this section.

Total Pouch/Bottle Size
In this section, input the total number of DCUs or Units in your pouch or bottle. Example: If your pouch is a 250 DCU size, you would select "250" in this area.

Pouch/Bottle Net Weight, in grams
In this section, you will need to consult your physical pouch of the specific lot of culture that you are using, since this number can vary from lot to lot -- on your pouch or bottle, look for the total net weight in grams printed on the label and input this number here. Please note that although most pouches and bottles do have this info, a few do not -- in this case, please contact us. Example: Consulting your pouch, you find "Net Wt 58.2 grams" printed on the label -- so you would enter 58.2 in this field.

Hit "enter" for the calculation of the amount of culture needed for your batch.