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Upcoming Events, Courses and Workshops:


Cheesemaker Education Day, Oregon Dairy Industries | Corvallis, OR: January 28, 2023

This one-day, in-person educational event held at Oregon State University offers a variety of learning opportunities for creamery owners, cheesemakers, students and anyone otherwise involved in the artisan cheese industry. Topics this year include, among others: Food Traceability Rule, Controlling bitterness in cheese production, Resources roundup, PNW purchase behaviors, and much more. Ticket cost ranges from $35-$95. To learn more and register, visit:

2023 Artisan Cheesemakers Winter Conference, Vermont Cheese Council | Online Event: February 16-17, 2023

This two-day virtual/online event produced by the Vermont Cheese Council is designed to provide exposure to new ideas and educational experiences for artisan cheesemakers – to help them advance their cheesemaking and business practices, as well as the artisan cheesemaking industry as a whole. While content focuses on information to support professional cheesemakers, attendance is open to all, including other cheese industry professionals, amateur cheesemakers, the general public, and anyone who wants to dive more deeply into the world of cheese. Two-day attendee cost as low as $95 (Early Bird price through Dec 2022). To learn more about this event and/or register, visit:

Advanced Cheese Making Short Course, Washington State University | Pullman, WA: March 7-9, 2023

This short course -- presented by WSU Creamery for nearly four decades -- is an advanced class designed for experienced cheesemakers, supervisory, management, quality control and marketing personnel from commercial/industrial plants. Instruction is provided from leaders in the dairy production community. Cost of course is $925 before Feb 3, 2023; after Feb. 3 course cost is $1000. A list of topics typically covered in this course and registration details are available here:

Science of Farmstead Cheese | Online Course: Ongoing

Understand the fundamentals of cheese and milk chemistry with this self-paced online course. Modules include: Cheese, Culture and the Cheesemaker; Milk Chemistry; 10 Steps of Cheesemaking; Starter Culture Technology; Rennet and Coagulation; Salting and Molding; Cheese Aging Chemistry; Cheese Analysis and Evaluation; Course Summary and Next Steps. Cost of this course is $699 (discount available to Vermont Cheese Council members -- contact VCC for the discount code). To learn more about this course, visit:

UW Center for Dairy Research Shortcourses | Madison, WI: Ongoing

The University of Wisconsin CDR offers a variety of shortcourses throughout the year. To learn more and view the current schedule, visit:

Food Safety Basics for Artisan Cheesemakers | Online Course: Ongoing

This online course is intended to equip artisan and farmstead cheesemakers with basic knowledge about food safety concepts and serve as a primer for further training programs, such as how to develop and implement a preventative controls food safety management plan. For a limited time, this $49 course is available at no cost when you use discount code DC-FREE at registration. To learn more, visit:

Environmental Monitoring in the Dairy Industry | Online Course: Ongoing

This online course, developed by North Carolina State University, is intended to provide users with the knowledge and skills required to develop and implement an Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP) in the food industry. In this course, users will learn alongside virtual dairy processors in a virtual dairy processing facility to simulate on-the-job training. Fee for this on-demand course is $350. To learn more, visit:

Artisan Cheese & Sensory Fundamentals | Online Course: Ongoing, Multiple 4-week sessions in 2023 | University of Vermont

The University of Vermont's Artisan Cheese & Sensory Fundamentals Professional Certificate is a foundational four-week online program for aspiring cheesemakers, cheesemongers and food systems professionals. Ideal training for those new to the cheese industry or those who have some basic knowledge but want a more holistic foundation. Cost of this course is $750; a discount is available for University of Vermont affiliates. To learn more, visit:

Dairy Science and Sanitation | Online Course: Ongoing

Available from Cornell University, this online self-paced Dairy Science and Sanitation workshop is tailored to dairy processing personnel and is designed to help participants understand the basic principles of dairy science and safety, as well as emphasize dairy processing establishment needs related to dairy sanitation to ensure that proper programs are conducted in their establishments. To learn more, visit:

National Dairy Food Safety Coalition Workshops | Workshops taking place nationwide: Dates vary

The National Dairy Food Safety Coalition's mission is to support artisan dairy producers in their pursuit of reviewing, implementing, and improving their food safety practices. The Coalition provides support for this effort via multiple channels, including workshops designed to help artisans distill food safety regulations and develop specialized food safety plans. To learn more and view the current schedule, visit: