Our Mission

It is our mission to support local food culture and help our customers to succeed, no matter their scale.

We believe:

    • Artisan, farmstead, and specialty food makers play an important role in supporting thriving towns and communities
    • Collaboration, curiosity and integrity are at the core of what we do
    • Our customers are hard-working, honest, passionate professionals and we endeavor to be the same

We’re proud to be part of enabling traditions that have existed in businesses and families for generations. Long before commercial cultures existed, communities were crafting cheese and other fermented foods. Without the benefit of dependable and safe bacteria, nor a scientific understanding of the processes, it was often difficult to produce consistent results. Refined cultures, enzymes, other ingredients and technical support eventually became available, but were difficult to obtain by smaller-scale producers. As appreciation for American artisan dairying grew in the 1990s, our company founders noted the disparity in the availability of specialized ingredients for smaller producers. 

In 1999, Dairy Connection was established for the very purpose of providing smaller makers the same service, ingredients and technical support as their larger counterparts. We were one of the first to focus on the smaller maker and we’re constantly in awe of the creativity in our industry. We are honored to serve those who use our products and service to create not only delicious food, but local jobs and community as well. 

By consistently supplying hundreds of products from a variety of culture houses and sharing our combined 100+ years of technical knowledge and expertise, we aim to empower hardworking professionals to do what they do best – create.