Mastering Basic Cheesemaking

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Step into the home cheese kitchen of a professional and learn how to make cheese -- one exciting, personal and practical lesson at a time. "Mastering Basic Cheesemaking" takes the reader through the complete spectrum of cheesemaking processes in a way that will help any cheesemaker -- hobbyist or budding professional -- develop a thorough understanding of the essentials and cultivate the intuition and abilities that will position them for success -- no matter what recipe they try.

This beautifully illustrated, clearly written practical guide assumes no prior experience on the part of the aspiring cheesemaker. In addition to step-by-step lesson chapters, the book includes:

  • Tips and secrets for essentials such as choosing milk and the differences between goat, cow, and sheep milk
  • Bonus recipes for exciting cheeses such as burrata, quick cheddar curds, and ghee
  • Options for choosing cultures, ingredients, and equipment to make home cheesemaking more affordable
  • How to age cheeses simply in any home refrigerator
  • Step-by-step encouragement and insight from a professional, artisan cheesemaker
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