200 Easy Homemade Cheese Recipes

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"200 Easy Homemade Cheese Recipes" Second Edition, by Debra Amrein-Boyes: Includes comprehensive descriptions of basic cheesemaking steps and techniques. Features information on, and illustrations of, all the necessary techniques, equipment and tools for the home cheesemaker. Chronicles the fascinating history of cheese. Great resource for the beginner or intermediate hobby cheesemaker.

Chapters include:

  • Basic Cheese-Making Steps and Techniques
  • All About Milk
  • Mother Culture
  • Equipment and Tools
  • Wrapping and Storing Cheeses
  • Fresh Cheeses
  • Stretched Curd (Pasta Filata) Cheeses
  • Blue-Veined Cheeses
  • Washed-Rind Cheeses
  • Washed-Curd and Semisoft Cheeses
  • Semifirm and Hard Cheeses
  • Ethnic and Regional cheeses
  • Yogurt and Kefir
  • Butter, Buttermilk and Creme Fraiche
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